What amazing things can I write about on my website to get traffic?
Thursday, March 12th 2015 2:10 pm

Well, it can be a challenge to come up with new things to write about on your website. But truly, once you start doing it on a regular basis, like anything else, it does get easier. My approach is to make it a part of my morning coffee routine (decaf nowadays, boy i miss those cafs...).

Most of us browse the web as part of our morning routine, check in on FaceBook, watch a couple videos, pop over to LinkedInand check in, read the various news websites, check the email, etc. These daily chores can present many ideas for blog content, article topics or FaceBook posts.

Personally while I'm doing these things in the morning I look out for things that my existing and 'soon to be' customers will find interesting and I make a note of it. Once I have a few of these notes collected, I know it's time for me to stop using "idea collection" as an excuse to surf the web and get down to business. The Boss sometimes helps me with this transition. He's great like that.

I'll then review these saved links and find one I like, am passionate about or have a unique knowledge of (like local places mentioned in a national news story for example). It doesn't have to be earth shattering, breaking news that goes viral in 45 seconds. It can simply be about the local Little League doing good at the State Championship. Or a local event that is happening. Or a school board debate. Local Free shot clinics for your pets. Or a great idea for website marketing. Or, my personal favorite, a funny post that made me snort coffee out my nose. We all like to pay those forward.

Over time, this routine builds a mass of information about where you are (geographically) and what you do (sell real estate). So, now, your website has more information about your location than other websites, your information appears accurate and timely, the information is not boiler plated or "one size fits all", you appear to interact often with your website. All of these things are used by Google and other search engines to establish the "net" worth of your website.

Location, Location, Location! Remember to clearly mention the names of the local places around your working area, including the State when writing these posts. This helps to pin point where you do business.

This practice will help your website consistently appear in the search engines results for searches that directly relate to the services you offer. As well as provide useful information to those that visit your website.

These easy to do tips, coupled with an Integrated IDX system that includes your entire ACTIVE MLS on YOUR domain, will build more credibility with the search engines as an informative, content filled place they can, with confidence, refer their customers to (those using Google to search for real estate for sale in your area).